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RIBOCA 2. Latvia. Theodore Zeldin’s Feast of Strangers

When was the last time you had a real conversation? Dailes Theatre, Brīvības iela 75, Riga, Latvia 6.30pm, 7 October 2019 Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art ( RIBOCA2 ), together with historian and philosopher Theodore Zeldin , invite the city of Riga to engage in a meaningful conversation with a complete stranger for Feast of Strangers, an initiative of the Oxford Muse Foundation. Over the past 30 years and in nearly 20 countries, Zeldin has been experimenting and developing a way of conversing that encourages people to exchange their experiences and aspirations in order to improve understanding and trust. At the Feast, guests will be invited to enjoy a 'Menu of Conversation' with a delicious supper opposite a total stranger. By working in pairs through a six-course menu of questions, they will reflect on how they are spending their lives, drawing new conclusions from their own experiences and gaining an understanding of one another. The ques