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Maurizio Vanni by the special project for the Biennale in Moscow involving artists Attolini, Balzano and Timofeeva

"Behind the Mirror" is the title of the special project curated by museologist, historian and art critic Maurizio Vanni for the Moscow Biennale 2011, which involves artists Attolini Francis, Christian Balzano and Lolita Timofeeva called to discuss the theme "Rewriting worlds" .From September 23 to October 16, 2011 the installations of the three artists will be housed within the Rudomine All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature in Moscow.The project, organized in collaboration with LuC.C.A - Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, is under the patronage of the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow, the Province of Lucca, the city of Lucca, Pietrasanta and CAV - Visual Arts Center of Pietrasanta.

"Rewriting worlds - the editor says Maurizio Vanni - means to design from scratch our lives, redefining the environment within which we live, look at our existential space and recreate the rules that govern our relationship with our history apparatus memorial" .Each of us brings together different aspects and skills that are often hidden, ignored or forgotten that once awakened could change our lives giving us the completely unknown aspects of reality, allowing us to reinvent and restructure each element is linked to our existence.To do this, each individual will have the courage to live their passions and emotions, to be himself and to seek the essence of knowledge.

The three artists show off their reflections on the theme.Being behind the mirror is to go beyond the appearances of things, not content with the surface of reality and try not to trust a simple reflection.The Self-portraits of Francis Attolini (video and photos) are not merely a reflection of your inner self through other people.Rediscovering their existence means rewriting new identities, new faces to structure, explore unknown geographies extolling the physiognomic differences of race, thought, occupation, species, character and spirit.Christian Balzano (site-specific installation of signs and structure-color) is aware that the mirror provides an inverted image of reality and that only through the mind and the primal instinct we can trigger a real process of knowledge that can guide us in the labyrinth of our existence.Opus alchymicum Lolita Timofeeva (paintings and installation) the question of the truth of things is something that requires the full involvement of our intellect, on the assumption that alchemy is not intended to solve a chemical problem, but spiritual.Everything is connected to our minds and depends on the hemispheres of our brain.

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