giovedì 13 ottobre 2011

October 13 1992 at Yaxchilan

The day after the five hundred years of Columbus landing
by Pina Piccolo
The Morning After glow
Of the forest
Who survives
The foolishness
Of civilizations,
Regenerates herself
From disturbances
At ground level
Witnesses species
Aglitter and extinguish
Proud organisms shrivel up
In a combustion of arrogance.
Yes, she was affected,
Her tears of mourning
Mistaken for dew,
Her sighs of disapproval
Thought to be wind.
Yet her deep roots
Still gripped the earth,
Temple stones
Corroded by moss
Became sand
Transported by ants.
Even the poisons
Floating on the water
Were purified
Mile after mile
On rocks
Nature trying to
Wash off a stain.
Forest, now, we pull
Off your spreading body,
A demented weather
Dries your wells,
Nasty kids
Playing god,
Tug at your
Apron strings.
No longer waiting
For discoverers or messiahs
You stand attached to the soil
And bend,
Bowing to the wind,
Breathe life
Into an uncertain planet.

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